Managed IT Services for Nonprofits in MD, DC & Northern VA

The men and women of your nonprofit organization work day and night to achieve your goals. As they strive to accomplish your mission, they rely on a steady and stable stream of data to operate efficiently and effectively. When your team can rely on their network, they can focus on providing service and support to the people who depend on your nonprofit.

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Doing More with Less

High administrative costs take away from your mission. Every dollar you spend maintaining your IT network is one less dollar you have to reach your goals. Our nonprofit IT services are streamlined to give you the biggest bang for your buck. We make it possible to review real-time insights into your donor programs, services, and administrative functions. By streamlining your systems, you save time on administrative tasks so that you have more time to make the community a better place.

Generating More Revenue

Your donors are quite literally the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you won’t have the funding you need to perform the tasks you want to complete. Our managed IT services for nonprofits make it possible for you to maintain a database of donor contacts and donations.

At a glance, you can see who is donating, what they are donating, and when they are donating. This makes it easier for you to build long-lasting relationships with your strongest supporters. It also helps you determine the effectiveness of campaigns and tailor your marketing efforts to maximize revenue generation.

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Regulatory Compliance & Administrative Tasks

Maintaining regulatory compliance is essential in today’s litigious world. As a nonprofit, you must adhere to strict guidelines regarding donation collection, fund distribution, taxes, and other facets of your operations. Our IT consulting team can help you determine the best way to track and monitor these core elements of your operations.

We offer customized solutions that make it easy to track payroll, distribute funds, process reimbursements, and monitor the path of every penny that passes through your coffers. We can also help you maintain thorough and easily updated employee records so that you can track salary and benefits programs at the click of a button. At any given time, all you have to do is log in and you will see precisely what your overhead costs are during a given period.

Contact ComTech Systems, Inc at 301-670-1900 to learn about the options we offer that can help you maintain regulatory compliance and manage your employees. It is our pleasure to find the most efficient solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Choose ComTech Systems for IT Services for Nonprofits

Every minute your IT systems are down is a minute you’re not working towards your goals. Our managed IT services for nonprofits help you maintain your systems functional. When problems arise, our team is there to deliver an expedient solution. This means you won’t lose time creating the materials you need, directing the services you offer, and serving the people you help. Our team members are experts at quickly identifying the problem and performing essential maintenance.

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