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When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is the deployment and migration of IT systems. Differences in functionality, architecture, workload management, or other factors can complicate data migration from one system to another, causing headaches for you and your staff. That’s where ComTech Systems comes in. We offer migration and deployment services and solutions that simplify data and cloud migration. We’ll facilitate your transition, making it as secure and seamless as possible, with little to no downtime.

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Our Migration & Deployment Process

When you’re considering deploying a new system and migrating your existing data, the whole process can seem overwhelming. ComTech takes a customized approach to each of our service offerings, but our process for each migration and deployment is similar. First, our migration experts assess your existing networks, database, and systems. We then provide solutions that best fit your current needs and future goals. Once we’ve migrated and deployed your data, we run extensive tests to ensure everything is operating at peak performance.

Why Choose Comtech for Your IT Services?

When it comes to the needs of your Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia business, you want customized IT solutions that work for you, not just generic services. At ComTech Systems, we take a customized approach to all of our clients’ migration and deployment needs. We’ll assist you in figuring out the right types of services with our white-glove service approach, ensuring that your company’s needs are met. Get in touch with our team today, and rest assured you’ll be getting high-quality, local service when you trust ComTech Systems.

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Benefits of Migration & Deployment IT Services

We know that when it comes to data migration and network deployment, you have options of who you choose to work with. At ComTech Systems, we like to think of our customers as more than just customers, which is why we offer a white-glove approach when discussing IT services for your company. When you choose ComTech for your network deployment and data migration needs, you can count on receiving:

  • Impartial evaluation of your existing data infrastructure
  • Professionally developed timeline for full migration and deployment
  • Expert management of data migration and associated troubleshooting
  • Minimized server cutover time
  • Thorough testing of new database for performance and stability
  • Major savings of time, money, and manpower

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Common Problems With Cloud Migration & Deployment

While each organization has its own challenges and operational needs, below are some common areas that we have seen customers face challenges in cloud migration:

Cost – Moving systems to the cloud can incur various known and surprise costs. Large data transfers and legacy system connections can generate unplanned costs.

Capability Bandwidth – A cloud migration means changes for your IT team. The shuffle of personnel and skills means some of your current efforts are now on standby.

Business Value – Lack of vision can become a big problem for a cloud migration. A cloud migration is a great opportunity for innovating ways that your systems can add value to your organization.

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