Data Backup and Recovery Services

Prepare for any Emergency with Backup and Recovery IT Services

Data is the heart of your technical infrastructure, but have you considered what happens if (or when) a disaster—natural or manmade—occurs? Will you be able to continue operations? How long will it take you to get things running smoothly again?

ComTech’s data backup and recovery services include the design and implementation of a business continuity plan using either on-site or off-site equipment. We’ll manage and monitor your data backups to ensure you always have access to what you need, when you need it.

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Data Backup and Recovery Services by ComTech

ComTech performs comprehensive assessments to determine your business continuity needs and implements solutions to address a variety of scenarios. We also run tests of the disaster recovery environment throughout the year to ensure everything works as planned.

Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery Services

  • Comprehensive assessment of business continuity needs
  • Professionally designed & implemented backup & recovery plan
  • Protection from ransomware, Crypto Locker and major viruses
  • Regularly scheduled backup of all vital data
  • Backups monitored to ensure proper execution
  • Thoroughly tested recovery plan
  • Remote or on-site issue resolution

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