CTAP Program

Continuously Renew, Refresh & Replace Old Voice Technology Without Breaking the Bank

Communications technology will advance more in the next five years than it has during the previous 95 years. The most profound innovations of our time are those that improve the way we communicate. Businesses are rapidly evolving their core processes and capabilities to meet increasingly competitive demands. It can be tough to know if you’re picking the right communications solution, one that suits both your current and future needs.

ComTech Systems partners with our customers through CTAP—our Current Technology Assurance Program—to assure that the technology provided today can be renewed, refreshed or replaced as required. We make sure you have access to emerging technologies as they become available for one fixed monthly cost.

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CTAP by ComTech

ComTech’s CTAP program provides you with a custom, turnkey communications solution that outfits you with the latest technology. We deploy a completely managed system and provide hardware along with unlimited technical support, programming changes and training. You’ll gain access to a system that evolves and grows with you so you’re never hindered by technology lags and always protected from obsolescence.

Benefits of CTAP Programs

 Addition of new technology at any time without extension of the term of the Partnership Plan
Refresh or renew equipment quarterly after month 24 with no change in payment
Waived labor charges when equipment is added or replaced under the Partnership Plan provisions
Waived labor charges associated with software upgrades added under the Partnership Plan provisions
One fixed monthly cost
Priority dispatch on all service calls

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