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It’s happened to the best of us—you’re on a conference with an important client and the call drops for no apparent reason. This can be frustrating considering how time-consuming it is to get everyone back online and pick up where you left off. Cloud-based phone VoIP solutions are effective but often lack the assurance you may need in your business—fortunately, they aren’t your only option.

A premise based phone system (PBX) resides in your office instead of in the cloud. These systems can be on-premise, IP PBX or traditional PBX. Either way, you’ll have access to capabilities and features that hosted solutions can’t provide. If your business needs its pivotal business communication features, a premise-based system could ultimately be the way to go.

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PBX Phone Systems by Comtech

ComTech surveys your current solution, gains an understanding of your current and future needs, and recommends the best way to deploy new PBX phone systems. You’ll have access to features you need and experience clearer, more reliable communication.


Potentially lower ongoing costs
No risk of fee increases
More control & flexibility over your system
Data is stored/handled internally
The ability to have two different types of dial tone service
Doesn’t have to rely on Internet for quality, reliability
Can still work during a power outage

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