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As a business owner, you make it a priority to deliver excellent customer service. This includes answering incoming calls as often as possible. Have you ever returned from an off-site meeting to a full voicemail box? Do some of your sales or customer service teams work from home? Have you ever played phone tag with a client as each of you tried to catch the other while in the office? With call forwarding and routing, these problems become distant memories.

ComTech Systems offers numerous voice services to businesses in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia, including call forwarding and routing. To learn about the latest communication features from a local expert, please contact us today.

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What is Call Forwarding and Routing?

Call forwarding is the ability to redirect incoming calls from one phone number to another. This way, missed calls aren’t simply dumped into your voicemail box. Call forwarding is compatible with mobile, landline, and VoIP numbers.

Call routing is a phone management feature that places incoming calls in a queue and sends them to specific agents based on pre-established rules. Calls may be routed to phones or computers, depending on how your office is set up.

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Benefits of Call Forwarding and Routing

Consider everything you can do with call forwarding and routing to help you decide if these phone managing solutions are right for your business:

  • Answer calls from anywhere: With call forwarding, your sales team can take calls while sitting in traffic. Your supervisors remain reachable, even when out of the office. And your customer service reps can answer calls from home. Even with all this going on, callers have no idea that the system is routing them to an external number or location.
  • Forward calls to any internal or external number: Send inquiries to any device, whether they’re part of your company directory or not. This ensures you’re available for critical conversations from a different branch location, from your home office, or while out and about. You can even forward your calls to a trusted colleague when you’re on vacation.
  • Customize your ring strategies: You may choose to forward and route calls in a specific order. For instance, incoming calls may ring your desk phone, followed by your home office phone, and lastly, your mobile device. If all phones go unanswered, the call goes to your voicemail. You can also set all of your devices to ring at the same time so you can answer right away from any location.
  • Set multiple call paths: It’s possible to forward calls to several devices at once. For instance, if a sales rep steps away from their desk, their calls can be sent to other members of the customer service department. Unanswered inquiries can also route to multiple voicemail boxes, maximizing the chance of a quick reply.
  • Schedule call forwarding and routing: If you only need these solutions on specific dates or at certain times of day, you can schedule them accordingly. For instance, setting up an after-hours answering service ensures your customers’ needs are always addressed promptly.
  • Plan for emergencies: Part of your disaster plan should be ensuring your business can operate as normally as possible, even under extraordinary circumstances. Call forwarding enables your reps to work from home during a snowstorm or power outage at the business location.

Why Choose ComTech Systems for Phone Managing Services?

At ComTech, we are proud to be a full-service provider of IT solutions in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area. Our certified, highly experienced IT professionals can get you set up with call forwarding and routing. We listen to your unique challenges and goals, analyze the issues from every angle, and suggest strategic solutions to meet your company’s needs.

To learn more about phone managing solutions, or to request a free IT assessment, please contact ComTech today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Call Routing & Forwarding

What is round robin call routing?

Round robin routing is a method of call queueing that seeks to equally distribute calls across the entire agent team. A call will “land” at a member in the queue, ring for a predetermined number of times, and then will move to the next agent if the call goes unanswered during that number of rings. Also, a round robin routing method allows calls to get the same agent on subsequent calls, and it can also provide you with the means to increase or decrease call loads based on agent performance.

How are VoIP calls routed?

VoIP calls are routed over the data network, rather than on hardware copper lines as with a traditional phone line. In terms of how this interfaces with your routing and forwarding solutions, however, the process is nearly indistinguishable for agents and callers.

Is call forwarding the same as call routing?

No, these are two related but distinctly separate processes. Forwarding redirects calls from one number to another, which is typically used to keep customer calls from being dumped into a voicemail box. Routing places calls into a queue where they will be distributed to available agents.

Can you forward a VoIP phone?

Absolutely. With the correct network, software, and infrastructure in place, a VoIP phone call is essentially handled the same as any other phone or source of a call.

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