January 21, 2020

A poorly designed IT infrastructure can annihilate productivity and drain profits, but how do you afford a robust digital strategy when you’re still growing your business? The answer is simpler than you think. Managed IT services dissolve entry barriers by giving you the best the industry has to offer without demanding that you invest in every employee and piece of hardware. We built ComTech Systems so that businesses like you can benefit from a holistic, company-wide system without breaking the bank. We serve Alexandria and the greater Washington, DC area, so we’re just a call away when crisis strikes.

Our team will cover everything from your call center to your emergency support, always taking the proactive approach to problem-solving. Call us to find out how technology can work for you at 301-670-1900.

IT That Fits You and Only You

IT affects every crack and corner of your business, from your networks and data management to your VoIP system and cabling. We’ve collected our services into a few core solutions to make your strategy easier to build. We offer:

  • Managed IT Services: Our solutions take care of rudimentary needs like network security and disaster recovery. We’ll also migrate your operating system and handle your virtual help desk support.
  • Voice Services: Voice technology is growing at a dizzying pace, so it can fit your evolving business better than ever before. Whether you prefer VoIP or other telecommunications tools, we’ll make sure you always have an open line to your clients.
  • Cloud Services: The cloud elevates your business by making it accessible from any device and part of the world. We’ll make sure your cloud deployment is secure and handle third-party hosting.
  • Video Surveillance: Give your business ’round-the-clock security with Wi-Fi-connected surveillance. Our systems will ensure that you can check up on your site from any device.
  • Structured Cabling: Your cabling infrastructure relies on a neat series of panels, patch cables, and subsystems. We approach design and installation according to the best industry practices so that your system can drive your company’s growth and performance.

Our Alexandria team covers a massive scope, from certified technicians to CIOs. That means that our managed services are backed by powerful leadership. We structure your IT solutions according to your company’s priorities, and not our convenience. Count on our certified IT pros to find a pocket-friendly foundation for your digital landscape. Try us online or call 301-670-1900.

Building Your Profits through IT

If every brand had the same business goals and model, there would be no industry leaders. We’ve worked in several industries, including medicine, law, HVAC, and nonprofits.  We’re business-minded enough to build an infrastructure based on where you’re going and how you intend to get there. We believe that the best IT is structured around your industry, business model, and brand. Even your target market influences your choice of infrastructure, so we’ll sit down with you and have a detailed conversation about your needs. An informed choice is a powerful choice, after all.

IT infrastructure should be built strategically so that your technology aligns with all you’re hoping to achieve. For some, that means increasing HIPAA compliance. For others, it means creating a remote office for location independence. Yet others are focused on creating a help desk that gives their clients the same level of professionalism they get at larger companies. Every goal adds a little more to your competitive advantage, so the ultimate result should make itself known through your business successes.

Ready to take the next step? Call our Alexandria team on 301-670-1900.

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