January 21, 2020

IT is a core part of every department and process of your business. You can’t do much with broken or poorly designed tools, though, so managed IT services are essential to your profits. In-house infrastructure typically costs small businesses between $1,000 and $9,000 a month to maintain, let alone build. If your company is still growing into its own skin, outsourcing is the most affordable solution. Managed IT services will give you the digital infrastructure you need without requiring you to hire and pay new staff.

ComTech Systems thinks beyond digital mechanics. We make sure that every component we install and manage fits into the puzzle of your business. IT is useless unless it attaches to the structure and goals of your company. Our professionals think strategically, so you’re always assured of powerful technology that has a direct impact on your bottom line. We provide 24/7 service throughout Arlington and the metro DC area. Speak to our team about how we can take your business further than it’s ever been before by calling 301-670-1900.

ComTech Systems goes beyond mere repair. Just as your meals should incorporate all the nutrients you need, your IT system should be holistic enough to nourish your enterprise. We develop custom IT strategies that incorporate all your business goals. We’ve served several Arlington industries, including finance, law, medicine, and social enterprise. IT has something unique to offer every industry, so we consider our past experience to be an asset to our future clients. We’ve gained a working knowledge of how far IT’s powers can really stretch.

How to Build the Puzzle

IT represents every workstation, every piece of software, every cable, phone, and virtual product your business uses. To help you to tailor a service offering that fits your industry, we’ve divided our offerings into comprehensive categories. We offer:

  • Cloud Solutions and Security: We’ll keep your data safe in the cloud and help you deploy your storage solutions. We host third-party apps and will even handle your licensing on your behalf.
  • Video Surveillance: Video surveillance technology gives you access to your business site around the clock. We’ll set up a Wi-Fi-enabled system so that you can view your business remotely from multiple devices.
  • Voice Solutions: VoIP’s powerful communications infrastructure can support your conferencing technology. We’ll tailor your communications strategy, then deploy the tools to support it.
  • Structured Cabling: Cables are, quite literally, the foundation of your IT solutions, and if they’re handled poorly, problem-solving will take three times longer than it should. We’ll make sure your system performs predictably as you grow.
  • Managed IT: Our IT services will handle the nuts and bolts of your everyday IT use, such as your internet connection and network security. We’ll also handle disaster recovery, operating system migration, and even virtual help desk support. We think the best maintenance is preventive, but we also deploy urgent support within two hours.

Every business has its own unique IT needs. Let’s create a collection of services at an affordable price. Call ComTech Systems in Arlington for more information at 301-670-1900.

The Importance of Certification

As a holistic team, we cover VoIP, cloud storage, security, and more. Each specialty has its own unique demands, so our IT professionals have certifications unique to their niches. They segment their knowledge even further by covering a huge range of industries. We understand how technology can pave the way to profits, so when you choose ComTech Systems, you choose revenue. Call us to find out how we can turbo-charge your business at 301-670-1900

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