ComTech Systems Inc. Managed IT Services in Bowie, Maryland

January 21, 2020

IT’s entry barrier is high and impermeable, so few small businesses can rise to meet it. The hardware and HR costs alone are hard to stomach, and that’s before you even consider your cabling and software. Few business assets are more profitable than IT, though, so this isn’t the kind of expense you can hide in a filing cabinet until a wealthier day. Managed IT is dominating the industry for that exact reason.

Managed IT gives you premium infrastructure and 24/7 support without shattering your expense account. The service structure is scalable enough to grow with your business and adjust to technological advances. ComTech Systems takes those facets to an entirely new level by adding business savvy to the package. Our professionals understand that IT should adjust to your industry. Like a sculptor’s tool, it should chip away at your business processes until they transform into a work of art. Lesser managed services treat IT as the sculpture itself, and that does little for your return on investment. ComTech Systems does things a little differently by placing your profits at the top of our IT priority list. That’s why Bowie businesses trust us with their technology.

Bowie Managed IT Services

IT seeps through the walls of your business in hundreds of different ways, so we’ve divided our services into a few core categories:

  • Managed IT Solutions: This is where your initial infrastructure is built. We’ll provide essential connectivity and network security, operating system migration, and help desk support. We’ll also cover you in a crisis through backup and disaster recovery, responding to your needs within mere hours.
  • Voice Solutions: VoIP, audio, and video conferencing technology are the foundations of everyday teamwork. We’ll set up a call center sophisticated enough to befit your brand.
  • Cloud Solutions: Cloud migration has the power to take your business to a new level of success. We’ll support your storage and make sure your data is accessible from any device across the world.
  • Video Surveillance: Give your business 24/7 surveillance through our smart, Wi-Fi-enabled technology.
  • Structured Cabling: Structured cabling is the heart of your system, so it needs to be expertly managed. We’ll make sure yours is flexible enough to grow with your business.

We combine IT assets, emergency support, and cutting edge knowledge. Our support hotline is open around the clock, so our technicians will see to your problem within just two hours.

IT and Your Profits

At its worst, managed IT takes a cookie-cutter approach, installing the same infrastructure in every business it serves. ComTech Systems believes that IT can achieve more than that. We dig under the surface of your business so that we can build an informed tech strategy that adds to your bottom line. We care about your brand, so we tailor your services according to your goals. We’ve served a huge range of industries, including finance, law, and medicine. Our certified professionals have experience with both for-profit and non-profit companies. That’s given us the savvy to apply our skills to your niche. Our clients are our best teachers.

Today’s businesses have access to an extraordinary amount of client data, so their ethical constraints have grown exponentially. We’ll make sure your cloud and network security comply with your industry’s regulations, even in tough niches like medicine and finance.

Like a bespoke suit, IT should take on the form of your business, so all our IT solutions are customized. Nobody knows your needs better than you do, so we start every interaction by listening, not lecturing. Call us today at 888-619-3757 to get started.

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