MANAGED IT SERVICES IN Germantown, Maryland

January 21, 2020

Outsourced IT is expected to grow by 6% over the next two years. The industry will reach an impressive $531 billion within the next 12 months alone. There’s a reason for that resounding success: Even the smallest businesses need comprehensive IT resources, not just for their data storage and communication, but also to help them reach their strategic goals. Digital resources have a significant effect on profits. A solid IT strategy affects the revenue of every department, from accounting and finance to HR and management, but investing in an in-house system is expensive — often prohibitively so.

IT Solutions for Your Germantown Business

ComTech Systems Inc. puts IT’s lucrative tools at your fingertips for a fraction of the price. That way, you gain all the benefits of an in-house department without having to invest in expensive hardware or full-time support staff. We offer managed IT and VOIP services to the Germantown region, including:

  • Basics like Wi-Fi, network security, recovery, and backup. Our team will help you to migrate to Office 365 and even give you virtual support. Add remote monitoring and on-site troubleshooting, and you have a functional, business-wide system that affects every aspect of your business.
  • Voice solutions, including VOIP, video conferencing, and call center management.
  • Cloud solutions to keep your data secure and accessible from any part of the world. We’ll also handle your third-party apps, servers, and user-licensing.
  • Video surveillance, because no business is safe without 24/7 security.
  • Cabling that improves the system availability of your growing business. We’ll deliver predictable up-time, scalability, and a cabling strategy that allows quick, easy repairs.

Every business has its own priorities, so we let you bundle your services according to your unique needs. By offering products, support, and expertise, we attack your IT needs from all angles, always delivering potent solutions that give you the edge against your rivals.

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The Benefits

Comtech Systems Inc. approaches IT as a holistic asset that can help your business to reach its goals and grow its profits. For that reason, we’ve grown beyond mere repairs and troubleshooting. While lesser managed IT support companies will do little more than keep your systems rolling along as they should, we deliver bespoke strategies for niche industries. We specialize in IT’s role in finance, law, medicine, non-profits, and more. Our certified team offers personalized support that’s tailored towards developing IT strategies at their most powerful. While we take care of urgent support requests through our emergency support hotline, we also see our role as a strategy-focused, customized solution to better management. We serve small to medium-sized businesses in the Germantown region. Our end-to-end services are structured to support you, no matter which stage you are in your deployment.

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Aligning Technology with Your Business Goals

The outsourced IT industry is growing in both size and stature, and that has added to its power. A great managed IT team will refine those powers by getting to know your business intimately. A robust digital infrastructure can expose gaps in your profit potential. Of course, that can’t achieve much if your bread-and-butter needs aren’t taken care of as well, and data management is one of the most challenging. The average company works with more than 150 terabytes of information. Comtech Systems Inc. will make sure that data is accessible from any device and city in the world. We’ll reduce your IT expenses while dialing up your IT returns. Our goal? To give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

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