January 21, 2020

Your IT team defines the growth rate of your business. Without one, scalability is just a dream you’ll never fulfill. If solving that problem were as simple as making a few hires, everyone would have a functioning IT department, but this is an expensive problem with an even more expensive solution. Permits, dues, salaries, and equipment are just the beginning of your costs, but there is a way out of that morass of bills: outsourcing. Managed IT takes the tough costs off your shoulders. Even small businesses can afford it.

ComTech Systems Inc. offers those services to the Reston area, but we recognize that IT isn’t enough. Your IT strategy should be a mirror of your larger business goals, so we approach our role a little differently than others. We implement high-functioning technology where and how it counts. We’ll bring you into the digital age by learning all we can about your brand and its future.

Our Services in Reston

Your IT needs to target a huge breadth of daily functions, from data security to cabling to troubleshooting. We cover several areas:

  • Basic IT: These are the services you probably think of when someone mentions IT. They include Wi-Fi connectivity, network security, and Office 365 migration. We’ll also handle disaster recovery and virtual help desk support. To make sure you never need to endure downtime, we do on-site preventive maintenance and deploy emergency support within two hours of your report.
  • Voice Services: VoIP is one of the many options that can facilitate long-distance connections. We’ll handle your video conferences and even set up a sophisticated call center.
  • Cloud Solutions: The cloud unlocks you from your location dependence, so it can give your business the freedom to earn profits all over the world. We’ll keep your cloud secure and give you access to a powerful Windows server for third-party hosting. We’ll also manage your licensing so that you don’t have to get tangled in red tape.
  • Video Surveillance: Your security is assured with ’round-the-clock video surveillance. We’ll deploy a Wi-Fi-connected surveillance system that can be viewed remotely from just about any device.
  • Structured Cabling: Intelligent cabling is the foundation of your computing, giving you the power to support your entire digital strategy. When we install cabling, we make sure it can grow with your business.

Great IT is built out of three components: products, support, and expertise. We provide all three in one cost-effective package. Our team is certified and skilled enough to give you the competitive advantage you need to reach your highest goals. Contact us today to find out how we can guide your Reston business towards a new era of profitability. Call 301-670-1900.

The Benefits

ComTech Systems approaches IT holistically because troubleshooting and repairs aren’t enough to boost your revenue. Your IT strategy should help you to function cost-effectively and edge towards your dreams. We’re interested in your entire business, and not just its computing. We’ve worked in a huge array of industries, from finance and law to HVAC and nonprofits. Our experience has given us the working knowledge we need to understand your unique requirements.

Give your Reston business the competitive advantage of managed IT by calling us at 301-670-1900.

ComTech Systems for the Reston Business Landscape

From its home base in Gaithersburg, Comtech Systems is right on your doorstep. We provide managed IT services to SMEs in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Our professionals ensure that your IT will not only grow with you but also help you grow. Contact us at 301-670-1900 to find out more or use our convenient online form.

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