January 21, 2020

In Rockville’s business ecosystem, no company can hold on to its competitive edge without a digital strategy tailored specifically to its needs. Technology pushes your abilities to the max, making you faster, more efficient, and more relevant. Few small to medium-sized businesses can afford the IT infrastructure of brand behemoths, though, so it’s difficult to get ahead. Managed IT can give you a fighting chance by putting IT’s most powerful tools at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost.

Our Managed IT Services

Think of Comtech Systems as you would your own in-house team. We create custom end-to-end IT solutions unique to every business we serve. We bundle our services into smaller parts that cover hardware, software, support services, and expertise. We offer:

  • Managed IT: Our IT services include connectivity, disaster recovery, and backup. We’ll help you to move to a new operating system, and we’ll give you help desk support and preventive maintenance. If you experience any IT emergencies, we’ll deploy help within just two hours.
  • Voice Solutions: Our VoIP services will bring you affordable international voice calls, but if you prefer audio and video conferencing, we’ll handle them as well.
  • Cloud Solutions: We’ll make sure your cloud storage options are secure and accessible from all over the world. We also provide third-party hosting through a robust Windows server. We’ll even handle your licensing.
  • Video Surveillance: If you store expensive products or technology, you’ll need round-the-clock monitoring so that you can connect remotely at any time of the day or night.
  • Structured Cabling: Your network relies on intelligent cabling solutions that are easy to repair and scale. We’ll make sure your cabling is flexible enough to grow with your business.

We structure our managed IT services into convenient bundles, always understanding that IT solutions can only be profitable if they serve your business. We believe that IT should give you a competitive edge, so we approach all our service offerings in a way that’s tailored to your unique position in the marketplace. Connect with our team to find out how we can take your business to new heights of success.

Communication Counts

If you’ve ever felt out of your depth in a discussion with an IT expert, we know how you feel. The services we offer require two-way connections, so we invest time into fully understanding your business and what it requires from us. As an SME-centered business that navigates a complex environment, we emphasize partnership. We work with you to find the resources you need. We’ll manage your downtime and keep your assets cyber-safe.

What If We Need Extra Support?

Comtech Systems keeps normal business hours, but we also provide emergency support. We take an active role in your day-to-day functioning, monitoring your network and cybersecurity risks continuously so that we can fix problems before they turn into crises, and you still pay a basic flat fee.

What Comtech Systems Can Do for You

The better your IT team understands your industry, the more power they can build into your solutions. Comtech Systems Inc. becomes an expert at managed IT in every niche it serves, including small businesses, nonprofits, healthcare, law, and finance. Our extensive understanding of these sectors allows us to develop a more effective personalized strategy for our Rockville clients. We’re conveniently situated on your doorstep, so we’ll deal with your IT emergencies before they turn into profit losses.

For more information about our certified, round-the-clock Rockville service, call us at 301-670-1900.

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