January 21, 2020

While the FDA is the largest employer in Silver Spring, MD, the city is also home to television programmer Discovery Communications as well as businesses in the hospitality, medical, service professions, non-profit, and tech sectors. Located directly north of Washington, DC, Silver Spring is considered one of the area’s most vibrant and diverse places to live and work.

Most businesses here have a certain level of internal IT support staff. Still, many find staying current with a rapidly evolving digital landscape a significant challenge. In today’s digital world, organizations big and small rely on strong IT support. Often, though, maintaining an adequate in-house IT department is not possible, usually because of limited resources.

ComTech Systems offers managed IT services that give your business the support it needs while mitigating the costs of hiring additional in-house IT staff and purchasing new software and hardware.

To learn more about the advantages of managed IT services for your Silver Spring, MD business, contact ComTech online today or call us at 301-670-1900.

Managed IT Services in Silver Spring, MD

Managed IT services are the ideal solution for businesses that don’t have the resources they need to expand existing IT capabilities. ComTech Systems provides an extensive range of managed IT and voice solutions designed to help your organization remain relevant in the digital age.

  • Managed IT solutions, including disaster recovery and backup solutions, Office 365 migration, and virtual support are all included, as are on-site support, remote monitoring, and preventive maintenance.
  • Cloud solutions. Businesses looking to increase productivity, automate repetitive tasks, and save costs are making the move to cloud-based solutions. The cloud not only keeps your company’s data secure, it also makes it easier for users to access the information they need when they need it, from whichever device they’re using. Third-party Windows-based application hosting is also available, and there’s no need to worry about user licensing — ComTech Systems handles it all.
  • Voice solutions. Companies who want a better way for employees to collaborate and communicate gain a competitive edge when they invest in hosted voice services. Voice services also help your sales and support staff deliver superior customer service. ComTech’s voice service team quickly and skillfully sets up video and audio conferencing capabilities, in-house call centers, and VoIP solutions, all designed for advanced business communications.
  • Video surveillance. A video surveillance system protects against property theft and vandalism, enables remote monitoring of your facility, and ensures employee and premises safety. ComTech’s video surveillance solutions let you see what’s happening at your business any time, night or day.
  • Structured cabling. Looking for a more reliable way to transmit data, voice, alarm, or video signals through your network? ComTech’s flexible and scalable structured cabling solutions maximize your system’s availability.

ComTech’s experienced IT professionals have the expertise, knowledge, and skills needed to handle all your company’s technology concerns.

For flexible, scalable, and reliable managed IT solutions for your Silver Spring, MD business, contact ComTech Systems online today or call us at 301-670-1900.

Benefits of Managed IT Services in Silver Spring, MD

ComTech Systems’ managed IT services for Silver Spring, MD businesses are an ideal solution for a diverse range of industries, including:

ComTech Systems also provides emergency support services, with a guaranteed two-hour response time. Simply call our emergency support hotline at 301-670-1900.

Your Silver Spring, MD business deserves outstanding managed IT services. Contact ComTech Systems online today or call us at 301-670-1900 to learn how to get them.

Businesses throughout the Silver Spring, MD, area need exceptional managed IT solutions. Let ComTech show you how managed IT services, cloud-based services, voice solutions, and more can help your business gain the competitive edge it’s looking for.

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